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I have a very wired problem with my VM.
I’m using WMware Workstation 15 Pro on Windows 10 and created an VM which is running a Debian Linux (Raspbian Desktop) which has setup a network bridge.
On the VM I’m scanning the network for SSDP requests but I’m not able to receive all SSDP packages for some reason.
I then startet to play with the network configuration of VMWare. If my host is connected by WiFi and I set the bridge setting to automatic or select the WiFi interface, I don’t receive all SSDP packages within the VM. But on the host itself I receive all SSDP packages from the network.
If I then connect the host to the same network by ethernet cable and then set the bridge to the ethernet interface everything works fine. I receive all SSDP packages on the host as well as in the VM.
To me this makes no sense that it doesn’t also work with the WiFi interface.
I converted the VM into a ovf to run it with virtual box and there everything worked with the WiFi interface.
Is this maybe a bug of VMWare?


Thanks for your help.



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