HP Proliant 380G9 with H241 sas card


I have installed ESXi in HP Proliant 380G9, it has a Dual SAS port H241 controller


The problem that I have is that the OS only sees 1 port. I updated the firmware and drivers, and the issue is still there.


Any idea?



[root@USN:~] esxcli storage core adapter list

HBA Name  Driver  Link State UID Capabilities  Description

——–  —— ———- ——————– ———— ————————————————————

vmhba0    hpsa link-n/a sas.5001438042300370 (0000:03:00.0) Hewlett Packard Enterprise Smart Array P440ar

vmhba1    hpsa link-n/a sas.5001438040f60320 (0000:08:00.0) Hewlett Packard Enterprise Smart HBA H241




Thanks and regards