PSReadLine 2.3.4 GA Release

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We are excited to announce the general availability of PSReadLine 2.3.4! After three preview
releases we are ready to release the GA version of PSReadLine 2.3.4. There are no new features in
this release from the previous preview but wanted to highlight some of the key changes since the
previous stable version, 2.2.6.

Installing PSReadLine 2.3.4

As usual, here are the instructions for installing the latest PSReadLine module. PSReadLine is
available from the PowerShell Gallery.

Use the following command to install PSReadLine using PowerShellGet v2.x:

Install-Module -Name PSReadLine -Force

If you are using the new PSResourceGet, you can use the following command:

Install-PSResource -Name PSReadLine

You may you need ot use the Force parameter to install this version side by side with any
previous preview releases installed.


You must restart your PowerShell session to use the new version of


Improvements to Predictors

Some of the biggest changes We have improved the user experience for ListView for PowerShell
Predictive IntelliSense. This includes allowing more than 10 responses, and adding a scrollable list
view. To help with navigation, we have also included a metadata line that informs users of their
position in the scroll.

Another addition are tooltips for plugin predictors. Tooltips are descriptions of prediction
results to help provide more details about what is being predicted. For example, the
Az.Tools.Predictor module provides details about what the suggested cmdlet does.


Image psrlga resized1

Additional Changes and fixes

Here are a few other changes and fixes that were made since the previous stable release:

  • Fix the menu completion to better handle the backspace key
  • Fix some typos in this repository (Thanks @spaette!)
  • Change default color for inline prediction to dim
  • Make tab completion show results whose ListItemText are different by case only (Thanks @dkaszews!)
  • Fix to use the default member color for members
  • Add support for upcasing, downcasing, and capitalizing word (Thanks @3N4N!)
  • Fix wrong cursor position in menu completion
  • Fix parameter dynamic help when the help content is specified in ParameterAttribute
  • Append reset VT sequence before rendering the inline prediction
  • Fix the broken doc link about PowerShellGet (Thanks @vimode!)
  • Add a sample for transforming Unicode code point to Unicode char by Alt+x
  • Improve the sensitive history scrubbing to allow retrieving token from az, gcloud, and kubectl
  • Improve the default sensitive history scrubbing to allow safe property access
  • Work around InvalidOperationException from Console API (Thanks @jazzdelightsme!)
  • Add the TerminateOrphanedConsoleApps option on Windows to kill orphaned console-attached process
    that may mess up reading from Console input (Thanks @jazzdelightsme)
  • Supports the text-object command diw in the VI edit mode (Thanks @springcomp!)

You can find the full list of changes on our PSReadLine release page, Big thank you to the
community members who have helped contributed to this release! Thank you @spaette,
@dkaszews, @vimode, @springcomp, @jazzdelightsme and @3N4N for your

Previous Blogs

Here are links to all the previous blogs for the PSReadLine releases that highlight the feature
changes more closely.


As per usual we love getting your feedback! Please submit bugs, feature requests, or questions to
the repository. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated!

Thanks! Give the new version a try and let us know what you think!

Steven Bucher and Dongbo Wang

PSReadLine Maintainers

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