PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code January 2023 Update

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We are excited to announce that the January update to the PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code is now available on the extension marketplace.

This first stable release for the new year includes a multitude of fixes for the debugger! Expanding variables with properties that are inaccessible no longer causes a short-circuit preventing the rest of the properties from being expanded, variable values whose expansion results in PowerShell code being executed now works as expected, and in general all the correct properties are now present. We look forward to adding the ability to view static and private fields in a future update.

Updates in the January Release

Note that these updates all shipped in our PowerShell Preview Extension for VS Code before shipping in our stable channel.

Some highlights of the January preview releases:

For the full list of changes please refer to our changelog.

Getting Support and Giving Feedback

While we hope the new implementation provides a much better user experience, there are bound to be issues. Please let us know if you run into anything.

If you encounter any issues with the PowerShell Extension in Visual Studio Code or have feature requests, the best place to get support is through our GitHub repository.

Sydney Smith

PowerShell Team

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