PowerShell 7.4 Release Candidate 1

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PowerShell 7.4 RC-1 is now available

We’re proud to announce the availability of PowerShell 7.4.0-rc.1!
This is the first release candidate version of PowerShell 7.4 and is considered a “go-live” release
meaning that it is a supported release in production.
Now is the time to test out PowerShell 7.4 in your environment.
PowerShell 7.4 is built on top of .NET 8 and as a LTS (Long Term Support) release will be supported for 3 years.

How do I get it?

Since PowerShell 7 is supported on Windows, Linux, and macOS, there are a variety of ways to get it.
If you had installed the previous PowerShell 7.4 preview release (7.4.0-preview.6) via the Windows Store or MSI (and opted into Microsoft Update),
you will be automatically updated to 7.4.0-rc.1.

Note that after releases there are some delays in all release channels getting the latest bits.
If this version is not available on your release channel of choice expect it to be available
within 2 weeks.

What’s new in this release?

  • PSResourceGet is now GA and has reached a 1.0.0 version in this release– for more info on this module release check out this blog post
  • PSReadLine has been incremented to a new feature version 2.3.4– for more info on this module release check out this blog post
  • This release also contained a number of bug fixes– for the full list of changes please refer to the changelog

For more info on what’s changed in PowerShell 7.4, check out this page of the documentation.

Experimental Features which were made stable for 7.4

The following features were developed and released as experimental during the PowerShell 7.4
previews. Through telemetry and user feedback we determined that they should
be available as non-experimental features in the 7.4 release.

What’s next?

PowerShell 7.4 will be our next LTS release and expected to ship once an RC is determined to be ready.
We’ll have a separate blog post when the GA release of 7.4 becomes available.
We appreciate all the efforts of the community, both individuals and working group members,
and look forward to your continued feedback and contributions!

PowerShell Team

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