Dual Monitor Won’t Enable on one Windows 7 machine but works on all other virtual desktops

I have something really odd here.  I have 10 Windows 7 Pro Virtual Desktops. All of them will work and enable dual monitors over PCoIP.   Doesn’t matter if it is a thin client, zero client or a PC with dual monitors.  They all work except for one Machine.  The machine not working is an exact duplicate of the other 9 virtual desktops and came from the same template.  It is a full virtual desktop like all the other ones.  This is on Horizon 6.1.1 with View Agent 6.2.2 running on all machines and same version of VMWare Tools.


From the same zero client I can log into one desktop and get dual screens and then from the same zero client I can log into the trouble virtual desktop and get one screen every time.


All vmware settings are the exactly same.  Allows 2 monitors, 3d is disabled and same amount of VRam.


I assume is is something in the Windows that doesn’t allow a second monitor but I can’t figure out what.  Anyone have any idea what I am missing?





Source: VMware

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