DEM Not Applying Default Apps

Hello there,


We have a new win 10 1909 environment we’re trying to roll out and we’re having extreme issues with DEM not applying/saving default apps and FTAs correctly and we cannot figure out why.


I have the Default Apps and FTAs flex engine enabled with a predefined forced setting to set Internet Explorer as default browser and to set adobe reader to open PDFs.


It seems to save and apply the adobe reader FTA, and it actually seems to map .http and .https files to Internet Explorer, but it only makes IE the default browser about 40-50% of the time, so when we click on a link inside of outlook it opens up in edge.


I worked with support and they had me drop the .xml file in the file type association page on DEM as well and like I said that part seems to be applying correctly just not for the default application part.


I’ll attach several pictures and a log of my latest login to see if that will help any.


I do appreciate it!


Edit: I apologize, I forgot to list that we are using DEM version 9.11 as well.

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