Announcing PowerShell Crescendo Release Candidate (RC)

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Announcing Crescendo 0.9.0 Release Candidate (RC)

We are pleased to announce the Release Candidate (RC) of PowerShell Crescendo, a framework to
rapidly develop PowerShell cmdlets for native commands, regardless of platform.

The release candidate is now available for download on the
PowerShell Gallery.

To install Microsoft.PowerShell.Crescendo:

Install-Module Microsoft.PowerShell.Crescendo -AllowPrerelease

Crescendo Release Candidate Updates

Crescendo 0.9.0 Release Candidate adds support for a versioned schema and fixes scenarios
suggested by the community.

  • Added versioned schema to support future updates.
    Issue #112
  • Fixed quoting empty string parameter values.
    Issue #100
  • Fixed showing OriginalCommand in help example unless specified.
    Issue #57

Schema versioning

With this release of Crescendo, the JSON schema for the configuration is now versioned. While we
don’t expect there to be any changes, supporting a versioned schema makes is easier to support
changes in future releases.

The URL for the current version of the schema is:

Support for empty string parameter values

Crescendo now supports parameters that accept empty strings as argument values. The proxy cmdlet
created by Crescendo now recognizes an empty string provided as parameter value and ensures that the
empty string is passed as "" to the native executable.

For a more detailed example use case, see
Issue #100.

Displaying OriginalCommand in Help

The OriginalCommand property of a cmdlet definition is intended to contain the original native
command and parameters invoked by the proxy cmdlet. This information is display by Get-Help. With
this release, if the OriginalCommand property is empty, no placeholder is written to the
comment-based help when the module is exported.

More information

For more information about Microsoft.PowerShell.Crescendo, check out the previous posts on the
PowerShell Team blog.

For more information using Microsoft.PowerShell.Crescendo, check out this excellent blog series
by Sean Wheeler on the
PowerShell Community blog.

Future plans

The plans for the general availability (GA) release will be based on community feedback. Our goal is
to make it easier to convert your native commands to PowerShell cmdlets and receive the benefits
that PowerShell provides.

We value your ideas and feedback and hope you will give Crescendo a try. Stop by our
GitHub repository and let us know of any issues you find
or features you would like added.

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