5Ghoul Revisited: Three Months Later, (Fri, Mar 15th)

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About three months ago, I wrote about the implications and impacts of 5Ghoul in a previous diary [1]. The 5Ghoul family of vulnerabilities could cause User Equipment (UEs) to be continuously exploited (e.g. dropping/freezing connections, which would require manual rebooting or downgrading a 5G connection to 4G) once they are connected to the malicious 5Ghoul gNodeB (gNB, or known as the base station in traditional cellular networks). Given the potential complexities in the realm of 5G mobile network modems used in a multitude of devices (such as mobile devices and 5G-enabled environments such as Industrial Internet-of-Things and IP cameras), I chose to give the situation a bit more time before revisiting the 5Ghoul vulnerability.

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