Xaas on Vra 8

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On vRA 7.5 I was able to create a regular workflow in the the vRO and publish it in the vRA (Xaas Blueprint).

For example I have a workflow which get the user login and reset his password.


On vRA 8.1 I still don’t understand the flow.

I created the same Workflow in the orchestrator.

In the user field I attached an action with these lines:

var fullName = Server.getCurrentLdapUser().loginName;

return fullName;

From vRO the workflow finished without problem.


I went to the service Broker –> Content & Polices –> Content Source and imported my new workflow.

Then I went to Content Sharing and added imported workflow to my project.


When I tried to run the new Item from catalog, the field of user name stay empty.

So I went to Content & polices –> Content –> chose my item –> Customize form

In the field of user name I configured the value to use an external source (My action)

I expected that when I importing a workflow from the vRO it will also import the form I created there… Is there a problem in the way I did it?


Then I returned to catalog and tried to run my request again.

However, instead of my username I see a strange string: vro-gateway-JDZGP2y8495

How can I solve this problem?

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