WS1 Access User Portal: “An error occured. Please retry.”

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At the moment I have an interesting issue regarding our WS1 Access User Portal. Every now and then when Users log into the User Portal they get a blank inventory without content or branding. At the bottom it just says “An error occured. Please Retry” ( Roughly translated from the German Error we’re getting. ) Although when we simply refresh the page the content loads in as excpected. Virtual Desktops via Horizon, Weblinks, etc.


WS1 Access User Portal - Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten.png


Since the error message is quite generic I’ve been having trouble finding anything regarding this problem. Also cant seem to find the appropriate logs.


Could anybody point me in the right direction?


At the moment its a simple on-prem deployment with the appliance running in version Build 15509389. We have an IDM Legacy Connector in version Build 13322315 ( Compatability to Horizon) which connects to the internal Directory and Horizon Collection using Cloud-Auth, Kerberos and RADIUS ( Externally ).




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