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I imported a workflow from vRO 7.5 to my new environment vRO 8.1

This workflow writes some files in the following path: /data-vra-scripts/folder (in vro appliance).


According to this VMWare article I need to edit js-io-rights.conf

Rules in the js-io-rights.conf File Permitting Write Access to the vRealize Orchestrator System

However in the path mentioned in the article the file does not exist (/data/vco/var/run/vco/js-io-rights.conf)

However I found it in the following path: /data/vco/usr/lib/vco/app-server/conf/js-io-rights.conf


I try to edit the file from  /data/vco/usr/lib/vco/app-server/conf/js-io-rights.conf – but still my workflow fails on creating my file.

I also try to copy js-io-rights.conf to the path mentioned in the article, but the errors still occur.


By the way, in past, in my old environment I edited this file, and eventually it allows me to create and edit files.


Any idea?

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