Workstation Player 15.5.6

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Problems began to arise with the Workstation player, starting with version 15.5.0 – the Player shell periodically stopped running.

updated, rebooted and the player itself is visible in the processes and consumes about 25% of the CPU and there is no more reaction on the screen. Uninstalling and reinstalling gives nothing. Tried to erase C: programdata vmware. I tried to rename the container folders with the machines. Tried to roll back updates.

Any ideas?

‘Good girl. Now put your hand in there.’ He guided it inside the jeans, with her fingers resting midway on her panties. She kept her hand there but looked up at him, half aghast, half entranced.


He looked expectantly at her. She knew what she was meant to do, but it took her a few seconds. Then, slowly, she began rubbing gently against her panties. Her face looked small and her eyes soft. He smiled as though everything was now in its place and sat down again on the sofa.


‘Good girl. Now start again. Tell me exactly what happened.’


She opened her mouth, continuing to rub compulsively, and began the story again. ‘Well… we were talking together, and sitting… and you – you…’ She looked at him, distracted. He was clearly enjoying the spectacle before him. She’d got into a rhythm now with her hand and couldn’t seem to stop. ‘You lifted up my skirt, and you moved your hand up my leg and… ‘ Her voice was small. ‘…under my panties. And you wouldn’t stop probing. You had me up against the wall, and you were so much stronger than I am – than I was.’


She looked at him again. He smiled at her, and she instinctively gave a short little smile back, before looking all over the place again, that odd little expression on her face. She carried on rubbing.


‘And then you took me for the first time. You – took me so many times.’ She wondered whether he noticed that her rubbing had intensified. ‘You had me up against the wall… And even that first time, I could tell that you knew that you could just keep using me. That I wouldn’t tell anyone. That I would keep coming to you to be… And it felt so – you made me feel so… I felt so dirty, I knew I had to keep coming back, I wasn’t good for anything else. I wanted it. I wanted your – your cock. In my throat. Inside me.’


She looked desperate. She stopped rubbing. He looked at her.


‘Shhhh. It’s okay, keep going.’


Her eyes widened, but she felt her hand betraying her, going back down to obey him. Rubbing herself as she recounted this felt so right. Once he’d told her to do it, she couldn’t help it.


He looked so gentle, and amused but touched. He understood. Anger and shame permeated her face but made her hands work even faster.


‘You used me. You didn’t care what I felt, I know you didn’t even see me as a person really. You wanted to mould me, to be someone you could use and keep using over and over till I had no will of my own, till all I wanted was to make you happy, satisfied. You took me again and again, my mouth, my pussy and – ‘ She saw his eyes light up even more. She blushed.


He looked at her happily, unable to fully believe his eyes. What a sweet thing.


‘You wouldn’t stop. You put your tongue all the way down my mouth, not because – because’ she trembled ‘you wanted to kiss me, but because you wanted to fill me up, to not have any orifice that didn’t have you inside. You were always there.’


He had already got up, and was moving closer towards her. ‘Come with me’ he said. ‘Come over here’. He took her by the hand and led her to his desk. Then, breathing heavily, he pulled down her jeans and panties, leaving her ass exposed to the air and her pussy shuddering inwards.


‘There.’ She could hear the smile in his voice. What had she got into? But it was much too late to think about that now. ‘Put your hands here’, he showed her, putting one of her hands palm down on the desk and the other on her pussy. ‘That’s right. Now you can start humping the desk. And keep talking.’


The desk was hard and a couple of inches higher than the bottom of her pussy, so that she had to stand on tip-toes to fully reach it. It was humiliating. Somehow even more humiliating than before. She humped up and down against the desk, at first gently, then obsessively. She could almost feel him, even with the air between them, as he stood there behind her, watching her ass hover up and down, in and out.


‘You raped me. It was – humiliating. You would come – and then – you would be all over me, your hands wherever you wanted. Your cock wherever you wanted, like I was just some… some thing.’


‘Yes?’ he said.


She ignored him. ‘I hated you. You made me feel like I was nothing, but when I was with you… You… You had me so…’ She heard a shuffle and then a squeeze of plastic behind her.


‘I even – I even…’ She was humping so forcefully now. ‘…started to like you.’ Her voice was small. ‘And you made me feel grateful that you’d ever even look at me. That you’d touch me. I didn’t deserve to have you inside me. It was like…’


‘Shhhhh.’ He moved closer, his hand on her ass, his breath quick. His fingers were thick and wet with lube, and they circled her anus for a surprisingly intimate moment.


‘It was like…’ she carried on, with a very quiet voice, his hand still on her ass. ‘…I was…’


She paused. ‘…your slave.’


That last word made him grunt and plunge himself into her, all at once. His cock, feeling massive and full, even bigger than she’d remembered it, was deep inside her ass with no warning and no condom. His hands were under her top, pulling and tearing at her breasts, but somehow also on her lower arms, forcing her to keep humping. She could feel his hot, harsh breath on her neck and she felt like crying as well as screaming with pleasure. He had all his weight on her, forcing her pussy deep into her hands on the desk, and searing his cock into her ass. What did she expect?


She writhed. ‘Keep talking’, he said into her ear. ‘Go on. Go on.’ His lips were wet with sticky sounds and hoarse breathing and they crackled in her eardrum, as his mouth lingered there possessively.


‘I was your slave.’ She said simply. ‘You – oh fuck.’


‘Shhh. Don’t swear.’


‘Sorry.’ She sounded genuinely ashamed, despite the incongruity of his request. ‘You – you owned me.’ He was fucking her now with agitated, shallow movements. ‘You came for me and I – knew I had to give myself to you. Completely. You owned me’ she repeated. ‘You helped me realise that the best thing I could do was please you. My feelings didn’t matter.’







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