Workstation Player 15.5.6 mouse cursor keeps losing focus/getting its focus stolen

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My host and guest are both Windows 10 v2004 with all the latest security and driver updates. I am running VMWare Workstation Player v15.5.6 with the latest VM Tools.


The experience between my host and guest has been getting steadily worse and worse, until now where the experience makes it unbearable and borderline impossible to do anything in the VM. The issue: the mouse cursor constantly loses focus from the VM. Every minute or so, even when actively typing or mousing around in the VM, the cursor becomes a hand, meaning that if I’m typing, it stops. If I’m mousing, there is no cursor, because it seems that the cursor has been stolen by something.


I spent the entire weekend troubleshooting. I can assure you it’s nothing on my PC. I closed ALL programs, ran with a basic, barebones host setup. To ensure it wasn’t something that got degraded in the guest, I created a brand new VM and installed Windows 10 v2004 directly from the download tool made available by Microsoft. Installed VM Tools, then all the latest OS security updates. And then tested.


Just SITTING there, doing nothing, with the mouse cursor in the VM, randomly and very frequently, the mouse cursor becomes a hand, signifying that focus was stolen from the guest. I have to click back in the VM in order to do anything in the guest. It does this irrespective of whether or not I’m running the VM fullscreen or windowed.


I barely had any issues with VMWare Workstation Player 14, but with 15, the experience has been downhill. I considered buying VMWare Workstation Pro, but with this mess, no way I’m doing that. Can I get someone from VMWare to chime in and assist?


Thank you.

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