Workstation 16 Pro doesn't rearrange virtual displays correctly

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Hi All,

    I’m currently having an issue inside of Workstation Pro where the Virtual Desktops do not rearrange correctly. My version is 16.0.0 build-16894299 with the latest updates and I tested this issue with Kali Linux, Pop!_OS 20.04, and Windows 1903. All VMs have the latest updates for VMware Tools and 3D Acceleration has been enabled using 8GB of allocated video memory. Currently, I’m using a laptop with external monitors. The behavior exists when using the Full-Screen Mode and select the option for “Cycle Multiple Monitors”. When I try to orient the displays logically in display settings so it matches my physical environment, the displays swap but the graphic windows do not. This means that windows on my external display do not register my mouse click on the display they are showing but rather, are registering on the opposite display. This is consistent no matter how the displays are logically oriented. Has anyone else experienced this issue or know if this is a known issue that VMware is aware of?


~Thank you for your help.

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