Workstation 15.5.6: Using menue Edit|Paste changes text from e.g. ‘qwertz’ to ‘qwerty’

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I have a strange problem with using copy/paste from my host system (windows 10) to a vm installed with linux. I saw a lot of issues around copy/paste in the forum. But I did not found a topic related to the problem I have encountered.


In Short:

1. I use german keyboard layout on the host (win10) and on the the vm (linux).

2. VMware Tools are installed in the vm.

3. Copy/Paste from host to vm works well via the OS clipboard functionality in the vm

4. Copy/Paste does not work with the menu ‘Edit|Paste’ from the VMware Workstation Application. 


I have attached a pdf with some screen shots for more clarity.


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