Workstation 15.5.6 missing fonts

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I have installed VMware Workstation Pro 15.6.6 on a CentOs 7.8 server and when I go to open it up there is clearly a font package missing.  Any help woul be appreciated.


CPUs: 2



[root@cent7-test ~]# vmware-installer -l

Product Name         Product Version

==================== ====================


[root@cent7-test ~]#

[root@cent7-test ~]# vmware-installer -t

Component Name                 Component Long Name                               Component Version

============================== ================================================= ====================

vmware-installer               VMware Installer                        

vmware-player-setup            VMware Player Setup                     

vmware-usbarbitrator           VMware USB Arbitrator                   

vmware-network-editor          VMware Network Editor                   

vmware-vmx                     VMware VMX                              

vmware-virtual-printer         VMware Virtual Printer                            1.0.16341506

vmware-tools-linuxPreGlibc25   VMware Tools for legacy Linux           

vmware-tools-linux             VMware Tools for Linux                  

vmware-tools-netware           VMware Tools for NetWare                

vmware-tools-solaris           VMware Tools for Solaris                

vmware-tools-winPre2k          VMware Tools for Windows 95, 98, Me and NT

vmware-tools-winPreVista       VMware Tools for Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003

vmware-tools-windows           VMware Tools for Windows Vista or later 

vmware-player-app              VMware Player Application               

vmware-ovftool                 VMware OVF Tool component for Linux     

vmware-network-editor-ui       VMware Network Editor User Interface    

vmware-workstation-server      VMware Workstation Server               

vmware-vix-core                VMware VIX Core Library                 

vmware-vix-lib-Workstation1500 VMware VIX Workstation-15.0.0 Library   

vmware-vprobe                  VMware VProbes component for Linux      

vmware-workstation             VMware Workstation                      




I corrected the VMware Workstation version. Sorry.

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