Windows jumping about when re-fousing on Fusion 11.5

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Hi peeps,


Having a really strange issue since upgrading to Fusion 11.5.  I’m running on a MacPro with Mojave 10.14.6 and haven’t done anything with the system update, just with Fusion.


I use Fusion in full screen mode on a second monitor.  If i click outside into the native Mac environment on the primary monitor and then back to Fusion, I’m getting the front window of the Windoze application jumping about.  Sometimes it’s making a ‘click-drag’ selection in the Win application as it all moves around.  There’s no heavy process running in the background of either environment, but it’s just like there’s been a mouse click lag.  Everything was running just fine right up until the Fusion upgrade so I’m confident it’s something to do with the new version.  VMtools are up to date etc.


Has anyone else come across this one yet?  It’s doing my head in!





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