Windows deploy slooooooow, linux deploy lightning fast

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I don’t get this – and not sure if its actaully vsan related, but I just finished upgrading my lab vsan to all flash and I went to deploy a windows template and it took nearly 10 minutes… 40GB disk.


I then deployed a RHEL 7 from template and it took about 15 seconds…


All of my templates have been created on this cluster so they have the default vsan storage policy.


But looking at the templates, I can see that the storage usage for the linux is around 3GB so this is clearly thin as the disk size is 80GB. The storage for my Window2012 template is 29GB – the harddisk is specified as 40GB and my windows 2016 template says storage use is 40GB and it is a 40GB disk…  90% of what I do in my lab is with Linux, so its fine – but it seems kind of weird.


Can anyone offer any ideas on what I am seeing?





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