Windows 10 Store apps not fully deleted

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I have used powershell to remove windows 10 store apps from -allusers on our Parent Image of Windows 10 Enterprise and it still shows the apps on our instant clones. Some apps will just bring you to the Windows app store to download. So they are technically removed, but they still show as an option to click. We are disabling the Windows app store via GPO so that isn’t really an issue but I am wondering if anyone knows an efficient way to remove these from the start menu of our instant clones.


I have compared our parent image to our instant clones and these ms-resources do not exist on the parent image’s start menu. Only upon instant clone creation do they appear.


We are using App Volumes 4.1, UEM 9.10 and Horizon 7.12, although those are not really relevant to this case most likely.


Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated!!

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