Windows 10 pro guest on ESXi 6.7 loses network connectivity with static IP

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Hello all,


I recently installed Windows 10 Pro on a VM hosted on ESXi 6.7.

The new machine gets an IP address from DHCP as followed, running ipconfig:



Subnet Mask

Default Gateway


When I assign it a static IP ( connectivity is lost and this is what I get running ipconfig:



Subnet Mask

Default Gateway


Also, when I check the adapter Status -> Details I notice that there’s a line Autoconfiguration IPv4


As soon as I change it back to DHCP, it acquires the same IP above (.129) and everything is working again


I verified that it’s not a DNS issue.

I tried to disable and reenable the network adapter, but with no success.


If it’s relevant, the vSwitch includes a dedicated NIC, uplink to the Core switch, the port is untagged.


Any help will be highly appreciated!

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