Windows 10 feature update to 1909 doesn’t work

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Windows 10 on my 2017 MacBook Pro (latest OS 10.15.6) and Fusion (11.5.6) has always updated without a problem. Lately I’ve been getting messages that my version of Windows 10 will not be supported  much longer and I should install a new “feature update” to version 1904 or 1909 or something. The update will not install, even after umpteen tries. It appears to run smoothly until it gets to the grey screen that says “Working on updates, X% complete,” and then doesn’t budge. After a couple of hours at 0% it gives up and takes me back to the Windows desktop (where all the apps still work properly). I have tried disabling Norton Anti-Virus and its firewall, ticking and unticking various VM Tools settings and nothing helps. 

The Windows 10 update installed on my iMac (basically same configuration) without a hitch.

Any ideas about how to install what appears to be the latest and important Windows 10 update on a MacBook Pro?

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