Windows 10 1809 Performance Issues

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We’re in the process of moving all of our desktops from WIn7 to Win10 and we’ve been chasing our tails trying to figure out why our Windows 10 desktops are performing so much worse than Windows 7. We’re using the same storage (All Flash) and same hosts. We have a couple of cases open with VMware but so far haven’t been able to identify what is causing the issues.


It doesn’t seem to be any one thing, the overall desktop experience is just more sluggish and using more CPU than the Win7 VMs. Edge and Chrome are both more sluggish, opening and editing documents is more sluggish, funny enough the only improvement we have see is with login times which are noticeably faster.


Horizon View 7.5.3

ESXi 6.7 P02 Build 16075168


The two issue I have seen specifically with Win10 1809:


Windows 10 1809 desktops experience performance issues and may become “Agent Unreachable”

VMware Knowledge Base

We are running Horizon 7.5.3 so not impacted by this


Windows 10 1809

windows 10 1809 slow

We are running a later version than ESXi 6.7 Update 3


I’m just at a lost of why performance is so poor and CPU overhead is so high. We even dumped a lot of legacy app installs and crud that we didn’t have to carry over from the previous Win7 VMs, we really optimized the templates we used for Win10 using the Optimization Tool and other best practices. The existing Win7 VMs were not anywhere near as optimized as the Win10 ones are.

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