What will happen to vSphere Integrated Containers?

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Hi all,


I’ve been trying for days to deploy Kubernetes on vSphere but I keep failing–I mean–I keep failing getting a deployment where I feel confident enough to deploy from scratch without following some guide like I can do with every other thing in the infrastructure. It’s just too complicated and, since I haven’t run Kubernetes anywhere ever, to me the goal is the same as vSphere Integrated Containers’ but with more steps. I know it’s more than that but I only need an easy way to manage containers without having to think where to stick ’em and optionally can show status on vCenter/Fusion/ESXi.


I’d like to keep using VIC but on its last release, around the time Kubernetes on vSphere was released, things seem to just have stopped plus it always felt like “in the works” to begin with, so I’m unsure if it’s a good idea or not. I can’t find anything that mentions both VIC and Kubernetes (vSphere 7) anywhere to find some sort of progression/pivot there.


Was VIC abandoned? I know it’s may be kept alive by the open source community but it might as well flocked away to Kubernetes because it’s the hot new thing of the same interest. Was there a statement or something like that? I don’t really follow this and I miss a lot of stuff–for instance, this year I learned I had included access to the newest Log Insight and I was still using 4-something.



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