Weird VM Time issue

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I built a Server 2019 vm on my laptop which works fine but when I upload it to an ESXi 7.0.0 server and boot the time is 5 hours later even when the time zone is same. Vm on laptop when I boot it up is correct after upload. Esxi host and vCenter appliance time is correct so not pulling from there. Even stranger when you try to add it to domain with the wrong time you get can’t find domain controller. If you change the time manually then add it to domain works fine till you try to log in with a domain account which you get can’t find the domain controller again. Any help would be appreciated.


For more info, I have to build the Server on my laptop so I can license it since the network does not currently have an internet connection for security reasons. Workstation version is 15.5.6 build-16341506, Esxi is 7.0.0, 15843807, vCenter Server Appliance at

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