Webcams/RTAV Not Working on View Agent 7.12?

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We have recently just moved from 7.6 to 7.12  at the company I work at and it appears RTAV has broken for us. Webcam mics still work, but the camera portion will fail to start when trying to use them in any meeting app. It’s been suggested we try on an updated version of Windows 10 (which we are working on, but it is nowhere near being ready to be pushed out into production) or to build a new Gold Image from scratch, but none of those are really a viable option as we would have to re-do all of our app stacks amongst other things, which could take at least a month or two. Just curious if anyone else was in a similar predicament and was able to find a solution.


A snapshot of our environment:


Windows 10 1607 LTSB

View Agent 7.12

DEM 9.10

VMWare Tools 11.0.5

App Vol Agent 2.18

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