Webcam quality, VM’s and Thin Clients

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We have been struggling with camera quality in our virtual environment. It seems that no matter what we do, quality of a webcam ends up very choppy and pixelated. After a fair amount of research, we came to the conclusion that it is best to run cameras on Thin Clients, as opposed to Zero Clients. Still, when logged into a virtual machine, there is no improvement to the quality of the picture when run on a Thin Client.


While most of our environment is running PCoIP, we have also tested with BLAST. RTAV is another avenue that we’ve explored. We are running nVidia Grid cards, and have plenty or resources to put toward video quality (graphic intensive programs such as AutoCAD, Photoshop and BlueBeam work just fine). What’s alarming to me is that, no matter what we test (RTAV, BLAST, Thin/Zero Client, PCoIP, etc…), there is absolutely no change, negative or positive, in camera quality.


I am also confused about the benefits of using a Thin Client. I was told early on that running a camera from a Thin Client allows the video to be processed locally before passing through to the VDI. My understanding is that a Thin Client is nothing more than a PC running the Horizon View Client (or Citrix, RDP, etc…), but did find recently that there are RTAV settings in the registry of our 10zig Thin Clients. I’m just wondering if there is something that needs to be done on the Client itself in order to utilize RTAV in the virtual environment.


My suspicion is that we HAVE the tools we need, but are missing some critical information on how to use them. I apologize for the lack of information/context… I’m not sure I know the VDI lingo well enough to communicate a question like this. I’m hoping that someone can offer some advice based on similar experiences. We NEED to give our users acceptable camera quality, and they do not want to take extra steps to leave their virtual machine to do so.


Currently running:

nVidia GRID (M and K series)

VMWare Agent version 7.4

Logitech 1080p cameras

10Zig 5800/5900 Thin and Zero Clients




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