We Can no Longer Ignore the Cost of Cybersecurity, (Sun, May 28th)

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I read recently that disregarding cyber risks is a way of inviting trouble and unnecessary attention to any organization. Cyber threats is nothing new, everyone is a target taking many forms whether it is by some form of scanning or targeted phishing. For example, Sophos describes the naughty nine which are all some form of services that can be purchased for a price (i.e. access, malware, phishing, crypting, etc). "Just as information technology companies have shifted to “as-a-service” offerings, so has the cybercrime ecosystem." [1] This is no surprise that ransomware is still the one thing that affect the most organizations and, in the end, cost the most if you have no choices but to pay the ransom. In the case of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, lockbit , "[…] issued a brief apology and offered SickKids a free decryptor to unlock its data." [2] but this is far from always being the case. In the end, they did not use the decryptor but that isn't always the case.

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