Warning : VMFS 6 in combination with the unlocker patch to run MacOS VMs on non mac-hardware

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A while ago I asked for users with locktype abcdef04 in the heartbeat section.

Here is an update:

Now I have enough data to believe that the locktype abcdef04 maybe related to ESXi systems that have used the unlocker patch.

For an average VMware admin a vmdk locked with abcdef04 probably is a complete loss.


I now think I found a fix – but I would highly recommend that any users who used the unlocker patch in the past, to reinstall ESXi and rebuilds their datastores once they no longer need to run MacOS VMs.


A file / vmdk on VMFS locked by abcdef04 cant be copied and will report Bad File Descriptor.


If you run into this problem feel free to call me via skype.



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