vWLC on VMware ESXi

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Hi all,


I got an issue on accessing Virtual WLC’s GUI in my home LAB network and I have been trying to figure out why for a few days.


vWLC is installed on ESXi which is installed on VMware Workstation on Windows 10. vWLC’s management interface is assigned an IP (with default getway which on VLan 10. I have set these up during vWLC installation process via Console interface.


On ESXi switch, I created a Trunk & assigned VM vWLC into it. The uplink of the switch is attached VMnic2 which is bridged to my physical network via a USB to Ethernet adapter. The adapter is set an IP


My question is why I’m not able to access vWLC’s GUI via its IP from another computer which I directly connect to the USB to Ethernet adapter on the same network???


I will be connecting a physical switch into the USB to Ethernet adapter and a attach the router into it.


At the moment, I just test if vWLC’s GUI can be accessed from a computer which I connect directly to the adapter as I have mentioned. Btw, ping from the computer to vWLC fails.


Do you think because vWLC doesn’t understand untagged packets sent to the adapter from the PC? as I set the vWLC’s management interface on Vlan 10.


I will upload a layout image of virtual switch that I set on ESXi and hope it’ll make my explanation clearer.


Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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