vswitch does NOT appear as a network adapter

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I’ve currently got 2 vswitches working in my environment for connectivity to seperate LANs.  I’d like to create a 3rd/4th.  I’ve configured the vswitch, same as the original 2; however, when I go to edit the settings on a VM and click the down arrow to choose a network adapter, I am NOT seeing the 3rd/4th vswitch.  A friend helped me setup the original vswitch, so its entirely possible I’ve missed a step, but am curious why I don’t see the new vswitch listed in network adapters?


I get the same 2 original vswitches ONLY.  I’ve tried mutliple vm’s but no dice, they all look the same, so I’m thinking it has to do with my vswitch configuration (but only a guess)?



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