vSphere Replication 8.3 reports incremental sync size several times bigger than VM disk (but is not real)

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One of my replicated VMs has a thin provisioned disk which is using 30GB out of a 1TB defined size.


It has several days replicating Ok with 15-min RPO, but suddenly VR is reporting RPO violation and is copying more than 180GB out of nowhere.


I’ve checked the VM again… is using the 30GB and it keeps having thin provisioning, so no change has been done.


Primary site is using vCenter 6.5, VR 8.3 with iSCSI datastores.


Destination site is using vCenter 6.7, VR 8.3 with VSAN 6.7.



Have you seen a similar issue?


Is it better to open a support request than discuss it here?







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