vSphere-PSODFCoEqfle3f-KB#71361 – resolved but still being found

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Hi all,


We had the “vSphere-PSODFCoEqfle3f-KB#71361″ finding for a while and finally got round to resolving it with the required driver update.

Unfortunately the finding remained as there was a caveat for the finding that it would not check the driver version until a later release of the collector/advisor.

The caveat about the driver version has now been removed from the finding but it still remains for all my hosts that have the specific network card even though all have the following driver versions from the following post:



Here is the vib list from one of my hosts matching the versions from the updated driver pack:

[root@XXX-XXX-X01:~] esxcli software vib list | grep -i qfle3

qfle3                          QLC       VMwareCertified   2020-08-05

qfle3f                         QLC       VMwareCertified   2020-08-05

qfle3i                         QLC       VMwareCertified   2020-08-05

[root@XXX-XXX-X01:~] esxcli software vib list | grep -i qcnic

qcnic                         QLC       VMwareCertified   2020-08-05



As you can see it was installed at the beginning of the month and my latest Skyline collection was last night.


Please advise – it would be great to finally have no Critical Findings (still got a few moderates to get through!)




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