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We have a vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus (unlimited cores per CPU) – 6 CPUs license key for ESXi, however, vCenter server was down in last couple week and we have to reinstall the OS.  However the vCenter show that we “overused” CPU (attached in 1a.jpg) in licensing, so how can I remove the ‘unknown’ host (attached in 2a.jpg and 3a.jpg) from the web client? Also, in current vCenter setting, the system show 3 servers in the list and actually we only have 2 servers (in 4a.jpg), will it be the same issue?


more background: 

1. we have 3 ESXi server, each server has 2 CPUs, therefor the license / key should not exceed the limitation.

2. this vcenter server is linked to another vCenter server in other site.

3. when i click on those ‘unknown’ host (in 3a.jpg), the system said cannot connect to inventory and cannot retrieve the info.


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