vSphere HA FDM VIB

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I have read the documentation (ESXi-Arm-Fling-Doc.pdf) regarding adding the Raspi4 nodes with ESXi for ARM installed to a vCenter and enable HA.

I could add the nodes to a cluster in vCenter, but i can’t install the HA agent. The documentation explaines:


Download the specific FDM VIB from the ESXi-Arm Fling site for your version of your vCenter Server. At launch of the fling, vCenter Server 7.0d (Build 16749653) and vCenter Server 7.0c (Build 16620007) are supported.


However, where do I find this VIB? I can’t see it on the ESXi ARM Fling page, here I can only download the ISO.


I’m ver ysorry if I have missed somethign very obvious, but I really can’t find the VIB to downlaod it an install it on the nodes to get HA up and running.


Hope someone can help me with a braod hint.


Thanks in advance.

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