vSphere HA Cluster – Something is missing and I don’t know what…

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Hi all,


I have a newly formed cluster in my lab.


My cluster is composed as follows:

  1. 3x HPE DL380 Gen8. specs:
    1. 2x Intel Xeon E5-2670v2 10c/20t;
    2. 16*8GB DDR3 ECC (tot 128GB);
    3. 2x SAS 15k rpm 146GB disks as local swap location;
    4. ESXi is installed on a 32GB SD card;
    5. 530FLR-SFP+ (Dual port 10gbps SFP+ card flexibleLom);
    6. X520-DA1 (Single port 10gbps SFP+ card pcie);
    7. I350-T4 (Quad Port 1gbps RJ45 card pcie);
  2. 1x Dell PowerConnect 8024F 24 port SFP+ 10gbps switch;
  3. 1x HPE StoreVirtual 4530. specs:
    1. 12x HPE SAS 15k rpm 600GB SAS drives in RAID6;
    2. X520-DA2 (Dual port 10gbps card);


I used the 530flrs to connect to the SAN via the switch.

I used the 520-da1 and 1 of the 1gbps nics for my vmnetwork and configured the 1gbps port to be in standby for failover.

I used 2 more ports on the i350 to make a gateways network as I have a pfsense instance running on the cluster.


The cluster is up as of right now.


I installed ESXi 7.0.0 HPE Custom Image and I deplyed the relative VCSA on host1 to manage the cluster.


All guides I follow get me to the point where HA should be enabled but something is missing…


I have HA enabled now but cluster has a yellow triangle on it and says that there are a few VMs waiting for HA failover retry… whatever that means…

If then I head to HA monitoring I see that Host2 is the master and that there are no hosts connected to it…….. O.O”


What should I do? I’m stuck…..


Thanks for any help…



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