vSphere Assessment Tool (vSAT)

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If you are not aware, there is a new tool announced during VMworld US 2019. That is the vSphere Assessment Tool (vSAT).

To access the site, you can go here. The tool can be run on any endpoint that runs Windows, Linux and Mac.

Upon login, you will see the screen below.

Clicking on the Download, you will see the supported binary for the endpoint of choice.

You will need to set a Passcode at the site so when you can upload it with the passcode. This passcode is to ensure the data is tie back to your account.
Do note that your endpoint that runs the tool, must have access to your vSphere environment to collect the information to perform the assessment. You can add one or many vCenter to the assessment tool.
Once completed, you can download the JSON file from the assessment tool and upload to the portal. You can check out the file, it does not contain sensitive data related to your environment but more of vSphere component versions. Feel free to open up and check it out.
There is a Global Privacy Notice on using the tool when using the assessment.
Let take a look at the assessment tool. 
You would need permission for the administrator with Host Settings Enabled permission as shown.
You can choose to upload online or offline to the portal. To upload online you can do it over in the client. To upload offline, you can save it to a local copy and upload it in the portal as shown above after setting a passcode.
From the portal, we will be able to see the vSphere version, the storage and driver support on the version of vSphere. Results are compared with VMware Hardware Compatibility Matrix.
You can also export out this data out as CSV format.
Have a play around with it and have a better visibility of your environment.

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