vSphere 7 UDMS

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Has anyone used UDMS in vSphere 7? The documentation is a bit vague.


1) Can UDMS download ISOs?


2) What URLS do you need for HPe custom ISOs? The manual says: vmware-umds -S –add-url https://host_URL/index.xml –url-type HOST,

so that suggests vmware-umds -S –add-url https://www.hpe.com/index.xml –url-type HOST


3) is the command to push the downloads to a web server vmware-umds -E –export-store https://Web_server


4) What format are the downloads in? Zip or ISO or something else?


5) If LifeCycle Manager is pointing at the web server as its repository does it just work?


6) What about certificates? If the web server has certificates, how does LifeCycle Manager authenticate?


Hopefully there is a nice readable document with these answers and more somewhere.





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