vSphere 7.0 htmlClientSdk.htmlClientSdk.app.getContextObjects()[0] is undefined

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I used vsphere 6.7 sdk , like this:


  navigateToSummaryView(objectId): void {

    const selectedTarget = this.selectedTargets;


      targetViewId: ‘com.xxxxxxx.summary’,

      objectId: objectId,

      customData: { objectId, selectedTarget }




and i want to get “objectId” from “targetViewId”,

so i use 2 htmlClientSdk :

1. htmlClientSdk.app.getNavigationData()

2. htmlClientSdk.htmlClientSdk.app.getContextObjects()[0]

they can worked.

But 1. (getNavigationData) have probleme , they can’t ued by browser’s Refresh/Next Page/Back Page

they will make getNavigationData() to be undefined

so I used 2. getContextObjects()[0].


But In vSphere 7.0, [2. getContextObjects()[0]] can’t work

So I need to know, have any way to fix this?

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