vSphere 6.7.0 – Change network interface number of guest

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Hi there,


we’re in a situation where we need to remove the first 2 vNICs from ~1000 Linux VMs for a migration (to conform to policy).

All guests currently have 4 NICs (in vSphere these show as “Network interface 1”, “Network interface 2” … up to 4).

However, when removing the desired vNICs 1&2 (it’s the same ones on all VMs), I am left with “Network interface 3” and “Network interface 4” in vSphere.



– created a snapshot on a machine with 4 vNICs to easily revert changes

– removed vNIC 1 & 2

– left over vNICs show as “Network Interface 3” and “Network Interface 4” but should be “Network Interface 1” and “Network Interface 2”


The team whose VMware cluster this is migrated to demands the vNICs to be named “Network Interface 1” and “Network Interface 2”.

Is there a way to change the vNIC number on several machines/in an automated manner with the network staying online? (I guess it would be possible to remove all vNICs and readd them with the same MACs, but this requires downtime)


I haven’t tested this without a snapshot yet, so it could very well be, that the vNIC numbers change accordingly when there are no “lingering” vNICs which might get re-added when restoring to a snapshot.

If anyone has the means to test this, be my guest


Thanks for reading!

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