vsphere 6.5 administrator@vsphere.local sso you do not have permission to view this object

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Hey Guys,


we have the Problem that we cannot create new User under Administration–>SSO–>Users and Groups. When i login with administrator@vsphere.local to the VCSA and try to create new User it shows you do not have permission to view this object. The administrator@vsphere.local is in Administrator Group under Global Permissions and Roles. Basically even with other Users which have Admin rights it is not possible to create new User.

I can only add AD User which is not what we want. We just need a User to logon to the VCSA.


How can we fix this issue? Is the User Database corrupt? Because it worked for sure before. We didnt do any Updates in the meantime.


When you need further Information please dont hesitate to ask me.


Thank you in advanced.


Kind regards



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