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i’m trying to set this up dead simply in a lab.


i just want to see my tiny 8GB newly created VMGuest failover from one host to the other.

vcenter 6.7 uj, latest version.

3 virtual nodes. running esxi.

2 as nodes (1x50gb cache vmdk, 1x200gb capacity vmdk) identical. 2 NICs. 1x1GbE (management). 1x10GbE (configured for vsan).

1 as witness node.


i’ve enabled vSphere HA. i’ve enabled DRS.



all enabled OK as a vsandatastore. which i can browse through vCEnter.

i can copy files manually to the vsandatastore.

i’ve uploaded a virtual guest (windows server 2012 r2, evaluation mode, brand new. put a few folders on the desktop for fun). from vmworkstation. just dragged it across to the vcenter’s datacenter and into the cluster, selecting the vsandatastore as the destination disk.


(what worried me is the 10GbE network wasn’t going crazy when i copied this to one node. i’ve looked at s2d from Microsoft before now and it instantly starts synchronising to the 2nd node.)




i’ve run the vguest on Node1. happy days. i’m pinging the guest from a 4th machine.


disconnect the network cables on node1. to simulate a power cut on one node (or a motherboard failure – bang!)


uh oh!! no pinging. wait. wait. wait.



i’m clicking around. looking for an alert. i can still get the vcenter interface up and i look in there of course.


“lost communication with node 1”

“insufficient vsphere ha failover resources “


they’re identical nodes. i can’t click on the VMguest and click migrate. i can’t click play. the vsandatastore is empty.


i just want this to be easy and work as expected in the theory books…. to see this working in practice and then i can decide if its to be good enough for production.


any advice, or links to youtube. for a practical implementation to see all the features working. would be appreciated. otherwise i’ve lost 10 hours of my life.


thanks very much


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