VSAN upgrade from 6.7 u1 to 6.7 u3

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I have some packet drops issue on vSphere 6.7 u1 ESXi hosts. As this is known issue on 6.7 U1,we like to go with vSphere 6.7 u3.

As this is VSAN environment and having 6 hosts, we like to upgrade to 6.7 U3 on only one esxi host(lets say ESXi01) at this point of  time to conclude this issue.


vCenter server version is 6.7 U1

ESXi version is 6.7 U1.


VMware Product Interoperability Matrices

As per the above matrix,we can update the ESXi host directly to 6.7U3 without updating vcenter server 6.7 U3.Is this right?


But again the best practices is given below and we can follow the procedure later starting from vcenter server upgrade to 6.7 U3(after above ESXi01 upgrade)


1) Update first vcenter server from 6.7 U1 to 6.7 U3.

2) Follow the below instructions to complete the VSAN upgrade without any issue.

How to upgrade vSAN cluster with best practices? – VirtuallySensei.com




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