vSAN Traffic on VXLAN?

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Quick Q. Does GSS support running vSAN data-path traffic over VXLAN?


I just stumbled across this Dell EMC VxRail Multirack Deployment Guide (https://infohub.delltechnologies.com/static/media/60cee101-e75e-4b72-a654-da28a1438865.pdf) where they are running ESXi Host Management, vMotion and vSAN traffic in VXLAN overlays; to allow distribution of vSAN nodes to different data center racks (fault domains), when using a layer 3 spine/leaf network architecture.


In this configuration the Dell network switches are providing the VXLAN overlay/underlay; there is no NSX involvement with the traffic.


I am wondering if this is a specific Dell VxRail supported configuration or if there is GSS support for non-VxRail vSAN configurations using ‘network switch hardware’ provisioned VXLAN overlays for the ESXi host management & storage traffic?




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