vSAN – TCP Inbound Lose Rate

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Hi guys,


does anybody know or have the same behavior about the “TCP Inbound Loss rate”.

We use vSAN 6.7U3 and got a small loss rate of 0.1% to 0.2% on all hosts.



Take a look to the screenshot below. It’s from the performance view (host network – time range 24 hours) of two vSAN hosts.

Loss Rate.png

2020-09-21 12_44_48-vSphere - fra7-esx203.kvhessen.de - Performance.png



It’s interessing that we see this small loss rate most time outside of our business hours.

This is a VDI environment and so there is no really load on the servers before 6 am or at weekend.


We don’t have any vSAN Host packet discards or drop rate. Only get this small loss rate. I also don’t know if this have any impact to our environment.


Maybe anyone can clarify?




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