vSAN Stretched Cluster Networking

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Hi All,


we have 3 sites with the below setup


  • DC1 = 3 x ESXi vSAN Hosts. All hosts vSAN VMKernel on 172.0.16.x / / Gateway VLAN 220
    • Layer 2 network
  • DC2 = 3 x ESXi vSAN Hosts 172.0.17.x / / Gateway VLAN 220
    • Layer 2 network
  • Office = 1 x vSAN Virtual Appliance Witness. VMK1 WitnessPg setup as VLAN 200
    • Layer 3 network with static route to both DC1 and DC2 VLAN220


Questions are:


  1. Can you see any reasons why the two DCs have different ip range and different gateways considering they are both on /16 so same subnet, same VLAN and have L2 connection between the DC’s?
  2. Can you see any problem with changing the vSAN VMK in DC2 to be on same IP Range and same Gateway as DC1?



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