vSAN Migration to new hosts Procedure

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Hi All, Interested to know peoples view on the scenario / project below and which way you would go. Currently in place:


  • 6.5 Update 3 All Flash vSAN Stretched Cluster in place, 8 hosts (4 in each datacenter) and 1 witness appliance in a 3rd site.
  • 1 x 6.5u3 Windows vCenter Server that is within the vSAN Cluster.
  • Licences are vCenter and ESXi Standard.
  • MGMT network on standard switches
  • vMotion and vSAN on Distributed Switches 
  • Used vSAN capacity 24TB


Objective is to move to VCSA 6.7u3 or 7.0 and replace all 8 vSAN Hosts hardware with new servers. Options could be:


  • Option 1 Setup new vSAN Cluster and new VCSA so this would be side by side setup. then look to move vms and their storage:
    1. Cross vCenter vMotion not possible as only have ESXi STD on existing cluster https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2106952
    2. Another option might be to follow this KB whereby the existing vSAN cluster could be connected to the new vCenter, but i think this might be a big risk VMware Knowledge Base 
  • Option 2 could be to do a one in one out way whereby the below would be done:
    1. In place upgrade and migration from windows vCenter to VCSA 6.7
    2. fit new hosts to rack, install ESXi 6.7.
    3. maintenance mode 1st existing 6.5u3 host, full data migration then remove from vSAN Cluster
    4. Set 1st new host with same hostname and IP as host above, add to vSAN Cluster
    5. then repeat the above for the 7 other hosts.


Any options i have missed?


Which approach have you taken / would you take?



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