vSAN File Service Configuration Fails with “General vSAN error. com.vmware.vsan.clustermgmt.fileservice.msg.dvsconfigissue”

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I am trying to test vSAN File Services in my lab and I am getting the above error during the configuration.


I am running vCenter Server version 7.0 build 16620013 and my 3 nested hosts are running ESXi version 7.0 build 16324942.


For completeness, this cluster was deployed on 6.5u1 and was then upgraded to 6.7u3 and finally to 7.0.


vSAN is configured and working just fine in all other respects.





I have created a vDS port group specifically for vSAN File Services. The error is suggesting this is the issue, but it’s just a standard port group.


I have created A Records (with PTR’s) in my DNS for the 3 appliances.


The error appears within about 5 seconds of starting the reconfigure task.:


Does any one have any ideas?


As always, any help will be greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks,


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