vROps v8.0.1 multiple license handling within a license group

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Here’s the scenario :


I have 18 hosts in a datacenter called RPE. In vROps v8.0.1, I have a single 36 CPU license for vRealize Operations Manager 7 Advanced


– This license is associated with a License Group named RPE that is tuned to pickup all hosts in the RPE datacenter.


I add two more hosts to this datacenter. Now my this vROps license shows it’s over-provisioned (using 40 CPU on a 36 CPU license)


These two new hosts have a 4 PLU license for VMware vRealize Suite 2018 Advanced for vRealize Operations.


I add this new 4 PLU license to vROps, and then edit the existing RPE License Group to include both the 36 CPU license, and the 4 PLU license.


Upon refresh, vROps reports that both the 36 CPU license and the 4 PLU license are over-provisioned, both showing 40 in use.



Question : What is the purpose of the option to select multiple licenses within a license group, if the group is just going to unintelligent apply all objects in the group to all licenses selected?

It seems to me that if you have a group of 20 hosts (requiring 40 CPU / PLU) and you select multiple licenses that add up to the required number, it should work.

Is this behavior due to the different types of licenses? (vROps Adv7 and vRealize Suite 2018 Adv)

– This still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, because as far as vROps is concerned, there’s no difference in features / functions of these two licenses.

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