vRO 8.1 – Add a VCenter Server Workflow – Error

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Hi everybody,


I got an up and running vRO 8.1 instance with VCenter authentication configured.

Target VCenter is 7.0.1 -  16858589.


Unfortunately, I am not able to add the VCenter to the vRO inventory.

Tried several times, the workflow finishes but I can’t access the inventory with the following error message (last screenshot)

Could not find any information about this issue so far. VMware support is also troubleshooting this issue but has no clue at the moment and is still investigating the logs.

I used the administrator@vsphere.local for both the authentication and the add a VCenter server workflow.


Does anyone have an idea or is familiar to this error?




Error Message:

(unusable: (vmodl.fault.InvalidType) { faultCause = null, faultMessage = null, argument = WorkflowStepHandler })




Thanks in advance,

BR Nicolas Frey

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